August 6, 2011

YES, you're supposed to stop for an old lady in the crosswalk

It used to be that we stopped for old ladies with canes, ANYTIME. Now we just practically run them down, they're just don't matter, why bother, places to go people to see; right?. Some people need a good ass kicking if you ask me! Crazy drivers!

We went to lunch today at a local restaurant up at the mall. Mom, my son Matthew my husband and I. My daughter and her family are presently visiting Mickey Mouse down in Florida so it was just us four.

As we were leaving I walked off the curb into the parking lot at the crosswalk and my son took Mom's arm, the first car yielded as they should.

It should be said that the traffic goes in both directions just so you get an idea of the situation.

All of the sudden the cars in back of the lead car started pulling out into the oncoming lane because Mom walks slow ( pardon her from keeping you from K-Mart for 30 seconds). Idiots  not only almost hit her and my son but came pretty darn close to running me over too! They're like mindless cattle one does it and more follow. Believe it or not  there were several, one would be bad enough.

WTF did they think they're doing? Doesn't anyone have any respect for the elderly anymore?

To the persons who did this let me just say.  You almost ran down a handicapped elderly woman. MY MOTHER I'd rather like to keep her around for as long as possible, thank you very much. I'm not even going to touch on the traffic rules you broke in your rush to shop.  Have you no shame?  Are the sales at the store so important?  I wonder how you feel if it was your mother? 

And to those of you reading this, how would you feel if it was your Mom?

Tell me folks how do you think society is treating our elderly? Because I gotta tell ya, today I was discouraged big time. Fleeting moment or terrible trend?


  1. It's a terrible shame, but everywhere is the same, people are too busy to stop and think, most of them are inconsiderate idiots behind the wheel of a car at the best of times. I don't walk very fast, so I've experienced it many a time, and I've had cars overtake me when I stop to let people cross.

  2. You know Steve I don't get it! But I gather from what you're saying it's not only here in the USA. It's nuts no matter where it's happening!


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