April 4, 2012

Are you free tonight?

I was scrolling through my list of "D" words in my mind and came upon a word very worthy of this challenge. It's something I haven't done in a very very long time but everyone does it so lets explore it shall we?

My "D" word is Dating....

I dated frequently when I was single, I dated cops, military, a dog trainer, surfers, a felon even { don't ask, long story!}, bartenders, waiters you name it..... all ages and back rounds. Some of it was fun, most of it not so much! Now there were a few memorable ones....

On my last memorable date I went out with a very handsome guy,  he was a Coast Guard officer and his first name was Gordon. He was very polite and quite handsome and interesting to talk to. He held the door open and really was the full gentleman package. The problem; he was really very much in love with his ex. Not the worst date I'd ever been on but that's not the whole story.

Sometimes we find these things out over a lovely dinner of seafood and wine; { I'm referring to the wife} but that's OK he really was a nice guy regardless. What could possibly go more wrong than going out with a guy in love with some one else?

Unfortunatly food poisoning did! I kid you not; I was sick for four days..... I will spare you the details of my projectile vomiting and my poop stories!

So Gordy and I pretty much fizzled out after that date but I knew eventually lightning would strike; so I was determined to date on!

When I recovered my girlfriend called begging me. " Please come with me there's this hot guy bar-tending at such and such a bar."

So even though I felt rather weak I went with her to see Mr Hot Guy.  While she flirted I hung out nursing a beer looking a the beach and as I remember I was NOT having a great time.

An hour later while contemplating my toenails {the most interesting thing in the bar} and about two minutes from leaving she walked over grabbed a guy and brought him to where I was standing." Here," she said,  "meet my neighbors friend Bill talk to him he's a nice guy I won't be long."

Remember that lightning I was talking about.....?

“Attraction is not a choice.”
              David De Angelo

Bill and I dated.
We married.
And my girlfriend got the honor of being our first born's Godmother.
I wasn't on a proper date where I fell in love- we fell in love -it was a chance meeting.
What about you?
Any dating stories?


  1. hah, great story!
    I guess it really does happen when it's suppose to huh? Gret D word Jen!

  2. Great story...it's always fun to hear how people meet. For me, it was a blind date set up by my ex-boyfriend (strange but true!). Twenty years later...and I'm still happily married and dating the love of my life. :)

    1. That's not all that strange to me, I'm good with my hubby's ex! Glad you found you're perfect match!

  3. Cute story! I didn't include in mine that my previous relationship before my husband was with one of his fraternity brothers. We dated for a couple of months and then he just sort of stopped talking to me. I moved on with my now husband and found out years later the other guy had fathered a child at about that time, so it explained a lot!

  4. I just love that you felt that connection in a BAM kind of way! I didn't do a lot of dating before I got married, a little, but not a lot.

  5. OMG- we have very similar stories! I moved down here following my BFF from grad school. She introduced me to the son of the people she was working for at the time and 28 years and 4 daughters later...LOL

  6. I never had what you'd call a formal date with the man I eventually married.

  7. Awww, I love this story! I hope to fit my story in during the challenge :)

  8. It's like they say, you find what you're looking for the moment you stop looking!
    My dating history is zilch, as I ending up marrying my first boyfriend. I don't know if that's sad, pathetic, or adorable?

  9. When you least expect it!!! That lightening. Very engaging story, Jen and "true life" as my daughter would say!

  10. That is an awesome love story. Diarrhea and all.
    I'd like to know more about the dog trainer ;)
    One night while at a bar, shaking my girly bits on the floor, we were approached by a girl we knew in highschool. She asked my friend if she wanted to play coed volleyball. My friend couldn't so she said to ask me. I said sure...but since I was drunk I didn't remember.
    On game day she pulled into my driveway...and she dragged me out. I met Shawn there.
    My husband.
    It's weird how things happen ;)

  11. "D" for what a delighting story! I love reading about how people meet and fell in love and stay in love not matter what!

    1. And you know what my friend I never really go to bars anymore, no need! lol

  12. Aww. This story is really heart warming.

    college dating

  13. Appreciate you stopping by and commenting Karen!
    Come back again soon...


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