April 18, 2012

my 1969 rolling stones concert poster

My husband and I attended an auction in our community last Saturday morning. There was everything there, from boats, farm equipment, furniture, art right down to toys and tchotchkes.  We bid on and purchased some of that old metal porch furniture, three chairs and a table. A bit of sanding and some rustolium in what ever color we choose and we'll be in business. 

Then I saw something that really caught my eye, thinking it was from the era of my formitive years. I imediatly  knew that I'd put it in a frame of some kind and give it to Matthew my son for his apartment. You see we're really music lovers in our family especilly Matthew and I. But nothing like my sons Godfather Gerard, my little brother  who is a bit of a music whore, pardon the expression. I cannot stump him on any music. If i ask him about a song he'll not only know that but he'll know the producer/ composer. Truly amazing! 

So I spy this poster with Mick Jagger on it. I know I'm bidding I really don't care one wit if it's authentic or a copy it's fabulous looking. And because I know my Stones I know this is the concert where the Hell's Angels killed someone! Just terrible right? There was a lot of violence that night at this concert. And all Mick Jagger's intention was was to do a free concert on the west coast because the east coast had Woodstock four months earlier. On the lighter side I did find something really amusing about this poster, read on....

My "P"  today is for this poster......

I dropped my ten bucks and got this poster and  what I love about this particular promo poster is this... look  the names of the special guests listed on the right.
  1. Grateful Dead
  2. Santana
  3. Jefferson Airplane
  4. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  5. The Flying Burrito Bros......who in the world are they?
I have never heard of them in my life! Talk about playing in some seriously freaking awesome company! So remember my aforementioned brother? He was 6yrs old at the time of this concert but actually knew who they were and could name some of their songs. 

Here's the Flying Burrito Brothers I thought you might want to listen to them! And dig the clothes they're wearing while you're at it....

So tell me did you have posters of your favorite band or rock star on your bedroom wall? Or maybe you had a  poster of a sports star or of movie stars on your wall instead. 

And the only other vital thing I want to know from you is have you ever heard of the Flying Burrito Bros. before today?


  1. That is EXACTLY what I thought when I looked at the poster. Awesome line up the "Who the hell...?" I remember reading about that concert as well. My Stones/first concert at Soldier Field made news as well. Someone fell off from the pillars of the stadium.

    Lucky Duck!!!!

  2. I've never heard of them either!
    Happy A-Zing!

  3. OMG! I LOVE the Flying Burrito Brothers. I have them on my iPod!

  4. Hmmm, I am not familiar with those famous Burritos! LOL! Awesome poster though! My hubby's man den is covered in movie, music and gaming posters. Love it! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living, http://www.wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/

  5. I've never heard of them but I liked their song. Brilliant poster I noticed all those names and just thought woh! I had posters of David Cassidy, Marc Bolan, David Essex and many many more. Great post.

    1. Thought the same thing! I loved David Cassidy and the Partridage Fam, he was so cute, remember?

  6. If I remember anything at all from the 60's (lol) it's the Flying Burrito Bros! I sure do remember them.
    Look at that poster! Good bid, good deal! Did your son see it yet?

  7. FBB -- never heard of them but certainly knew the others well (well, not personally). Great poster. I thought for sure you were going to say you had it appraised and it's worth gazillions. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Never heard of them. My wall was covered (good Lord) with Bobby Sherman. HA! And of course, the Beatles. My sister was a fan of the Stones, and she's WAAAAYY older than me. :-)

  9. Sorry I missed out on The Flying Burrito Brothers! They really were in great company! Julie

  10. I've actually heard of Santana - not the others. I didn't click on the video but DANG to the suit from what I could see of it. Let's see on my wall I had a bunch of album covers. The one I prominently remember is The Jackson Six - not sure who they added. My posters where Prince and Michael Jackson (The Billy Jean version). So cool you got this poster for $10 - authentic or not ;-)

  11. My older cousins loved music and each of them loved a different genre. Looking back, I feel so lucky that I was exposed to so many genres thanks to them! I know and love every single band on the poster except for the Flying Burrito Brothers but the husband has. And he can roll of songs too. But then, he is older than I. LOL

  12. cool, That's amazing what you say your little brother can do!

  13. Um, I think the Flying Burrito Brothers just gave me gas!

  14. I waant that poster. I totally should have been born about 30 years before I was. I would have LOVED to be at that concert. Except, yeah, never heard of the Flying Burrito Brothers-but clearly they have guts. And burritos. That fly.

  15. Burrito Brothers? Hahah.
    I'm glad you dropped the ten. It's a memory right and those are priceless ;)

  16. I live fairly close to Livermore (wine country now!) and it is funny to see the location....since I've never heard of that place and the security. ;) Great find!

  17. Maybe because it was a long time ago? Wine country sounds like a great location.

  18. Lol...those are quite the outfits. This reminds me of looking through our family albums and wondering what I was thinking with the ever changing style of my hair! I can't help but wonder if they look back the same way at what they wore. Time does indeed change things. :)

  19. I was shopping for my granddaughter yesterday in the Justice store. There was a crocheted vest much like the ones my grandmother used to make me in the 60's they were selling for $35. Fashion is a fickle thing!


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