April 7, 2012

google and guts

My Mom gets a real kick out of me and my ability to Google. I am pretty much a chronic Google-er, we'll be having a conversation about an old movie; Mom likes old movies. Anyhow, she'll inevitably not be able to remember if such and such actor is alive or married or gay/straight or the name of a movie and I'll have to Google it. So I jump on my laptop of smartphone and she just smiles......

My Mom it should be said doesn't do gadgets, she does own a DVD player, no cell phone or computer or any other such thing so she gets a kick out of it. Information is not her generation, she's 84.

My first "G" word today is Google...

Whether I Google a medical term or condition, a news story that's relevant to me or the weather so I can dress appropriately the information can be meaningful on different levels. I can't even remember what I did before I had a computer with all this information at my finger tips!

Now to the big BUT here.... there's another thing I use all the time, and I relied on it before Google.  In most cases it's the thing that helps me make snap decisions. I use it in my daily life. It comes in handy with making a purchase or with more serious situations like when the hair on the back of my neck stands on end around a suspicious person. And as far as blogging?  It is my indicator light before I push publish on all my blog posts ....

 And that is my Gut, my second "G" word.....

I read some research that stated that in making a quick decision it is always best to go with your gut- follow you're emotions, 68% of the time that decision will be the correct one.

But if you have time to check the facts; maybe do some Google-ing or other research then going with the gut may not be the right decision, using the facts as the basis for your decision's probably the way to go.

So my dear readers are you a go with your gut person or are you a strictly a facts person?


  1. Yes, isn't Google great. I so need it, as poor as my memory has gotten!

    Also I go with my gut. In clothing stores, particularly, my rule is "When in doubt, DON'T!" :)

  2. I'm am a constant google user too. I do try to follow my gut as well but always second guess myself. Good thing I have google to help me make decisions ;)
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I am also a Googler! But if a computer isn't nearby, I'll go with my gut! Fun post! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living, http://www.wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/

  4. Love this! My daughter and I are constantly competing to see who can Google it first...she usually wins as she has an Iphone and I am stuck with my slow droid...lol. I had to stop googling medical stuff...it had me convinced I was dying of some crazy disease. For important life stuff...I always use my gut. Love your blog!

  5. It totally depends on the situation for me. If it's personal and related to family, I usually go with my gut. Otherwise, I like to gather the facts. Although, being able to go with my gut is usually made possible because I know things about situations and people and can put one and one together. LOL

  6. Generally speaking...gut (I like the 68% odds too). If it feels right, then I'm going to do it. Occasionally, it's bitten me in the butt but not a ton. I do google almost everything, though. Sometimes you just have to know the facts even if it has nothing to do with making a decision. Great "G" post!

  7. Going with my gut is the same as me trusting my instincts. I'm big on trusting my instincts. If I Google something, but my instinct tells me it doesn't seem correct, I trust my instinct.

    1. If it didn't feel right or seem right I wouldn't either, I go with my gut more often than not; I think most people do.

  8. Yes Jen, isn't Google wonderful? I think it's magical to have any info. you want at the tip of your finger. I also like 'gut' I try to listen to my gut more often than not :)

  9. I am a 'gut' person, all the way! I trust my gut before I trust anything else!
    But, I do love to google and I did just that so you can find that Forbes Tartan! Now you can get him a kilt!!!!lol
    Here's thttp://www.thecelticcroft.com/Tartan/tartan_finder/index.htmlhe link:

  10. It's dangerous (and potentially habit-forming) to Google health conditions. One look at the symptoms list, and we can self-diagnose ourselves into nearly anything!

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    1. Glad you visited today, will stop by your blog and say hi!

  11. pretty interesting to think about! I am gut all the way!! then google to check!!

  12. I'm a chronic Googler, too. To the point where it even drives "me" insane. Happy Easter, Jen!


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