April 11, 2012

just jen

Today my lovely readers the letter is "J" and since my name is Jennifer I decided I'd make myself the subject of today's post, pretty much a no brain-er!

Born Jennifer Lynn in New York City to Mary and Henry. I am a middle child, with one older brother Paul and one younger brother named Gerard.

For the past 30+ years I have happily been called Jen a nickname my step kids selected for me with love and affection. 

I thought I'd do a little word association with the letter "J." Here are some words and how they relate to me and me to them! 

Java- can't live without it, at least two cups every morning and always with desert if I'm indulging.

Jewelry- yellow gold all the way, diamonds preferred thank you very much.

Jobs- only worked for my Dad at his bar prior to marrying Bill, then for eleven years with the nuns at my church but that wasn't for a salary

Jail- never been, but i almost got a ticket for being in a fountain in a concert in Central Park {it was hot, OK!}

Joints or Jays- would you believe I didn't inhale? 

Jello- only shots and with vodka please!

Jam of Jelly- current jelly I know not exactly the most popular flavor but it works for me and strawberry jam especially if I'm eating peanut butter.

Jeans- pretty much my daily clothing choice weather permitting.

Judicious- I'd like to think at this age I have good judgment.

Jaunty- not in a million years unless a great selection of cotton tops and yoga pants apply; oh and there's those pink lined gardening gloves.

Joyful- I'm not runny thru the tulips every day but I most certainly am capable of joyful moments more often than not.

Jury Duty- was called last year but wan't chosen, way to much law enforcement in my family.  Nor could I ever sit on any traffic related case or accident so i am a jury duty reject.......

Jealous- Not really the jealous type, getting to old to be worrying about what other people have or what I don't have. I leave that to the young and less mature.  

Joke- I am a horrible joke teller, won't even attempt it, but I like a good joke and a good laugh.

Jazz-  I can take it or leave it, the reason being,  I haven't been exposed to it enough.

Judge- I try not to judge people, but I am far from perfect. So what i try to do is remember to view all people with compassion.

Jesus- believer

Getting to know my new A- Z friends this week and last has been a real Joy! 


  1. Two cups of java a day for me too. Can't live without it. But I'm a full-time writer and my tight jeans just won't do. It's yoga pants all the way. LOL!

    1. Tight who said tight? I'm over 50 I wear mommy pants :)

  2. No, I wouldn't believe you didn't inhale! :)

  3. What a fun post idea for the A to Z Challenge! I am also one of three siblings and my middle name is Lynn, too! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living, http://www.wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/

    1. I've always appreciated the name Lynn, I think it's quite a nice name.

  4. Great post, I think we have alot in common! Would it be nice to be a "runny thru the tulips every day" kind of person?

  5. That was the perfect post for the letter 'J'! I enjoyed it very much!

  6. I can't tell a joke either, mostly because I can't remember them! I've never had a jello shot in my life!

  7. Love this "J" post and agreed with most of your "J" words!

    Perfect letter for you!

  8. I'm definitely a jury reject too and would you believe I didn't inhale either ;) You are doing such a great job with the challenge!

  9. Jello shots...yup, I knew I loved you.

  10. Love this post! Great to get to know you a little better :)


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