April 19, 2012

they said what!?

I come from a family of strong Irish woman; both my grandmothers were off the boat from Ireland. I speak frequently about my Nana on my father’s side on this blog, but not all that often of my Nana on my mother’s side. My grandmother was very lively and although she passed away when I was a teenager I remember her for her strong will and wit. That wit I'm talking about was expressed in the form of sayings little quotes that she used to say in certain situations. And you know how it is; you say you're never gonna say those things your Mom said, but......

Well, Mom grew up listening to Nana's snappy quotes and then went on to repeat them many times over the years not only to me and my brothers but to other as well.

Today is letter “Q”

Q is for quotes.

Now like any other kid growing up I heard all the usual stuff that kids usually hear, you’re familiar with the quotes.

“Do you think you live in a barn” when you left the door open.

Or “turn the lights out do you think you father owns the power company?” When you left the light on in your bedroom.

"Clean up this pigsty." when you room got a tad bit messy.

But my family had quotes that took it up a notch that were original or at least I think so.

Now let me just preface this by saying I grew up in a normal loving family, my parents weren't mean or unloving, neither was my Nana. I am sharing these quotes in good fun  and I never ever heard them being used in any other way.

So if you didn’t get your way in my house and indulged in some alligator tears you might if circumstance and age allowed here something like, “the more you cry the less you’ll pee” as a response to your phony baloney tears.

Or when you go into trouble, something you were perhaps counseled not to do and did anyway. Then were looking for sympathy you might be told, “sympathy is between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.”

If you lifted the lid on a pot in my house and asked, "what’s this?"  Acting as if it dinner was unidentifiable when you really knew it was pot roast and Mom knew that you knew, Mom would respond by telling you your dinner was.....“pig shit and cauliflower.” 

You know how now a days when you get mad you just flip someone the bird, or tell someone to go f^*k themselves if they cut you off or steal you taxi,  well not my relatives they’re more original. They’d tell you to “shit in your hat put it over your head and make brown curls,” or “to go scratch your ass in Macy’s window.”

My childhood friends from the beach used to love to come off the beach and gather at the house, if mom came in the living room and she caught you sitting on the coffee table she’d say, “tables are for glasses not for asses.”  Our friends actually made her a coffee cup for her 80th with that saying & a group picture on it taken by that table. Cute huh!

Were your parents or grandparents quotable? Did they say funny things? Do you have family quotes that are special to your family like the things my Mom and Nana used to say. Maybe there things that just drove you up the wall about your parents that they said over and over again.

Do share!


  1. Those are completely hilarious! Don't you just want to find an excuse to use one of them every day?!!

  2. Quotes from my dad: 1. Do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb? 2. Don't take any wooden nickles. And this one, which I don't understand - Who tied the pup? What the heck does that mean?!

  3. I didn't get to know 3 of my 4 Grandparents, and the other one passed when I was pretty young, so I don't have any quotes from them. An old timer that I work with told me the other day "what in the hell are you listening to that guy for, he would complain if you hung him with a new rope!" It was all I could do to keep from busting up laughing.

  4. Yeah, these are great & they sound like the Irish in my family. My great aunt called peeing "shedding a tear." When she was hungry she'd say "My stomach thinks my throat's cut."

  5. Your family used saltier language than was heard around my house. If my mother got really mad she might say, "Oh shite!". It sounded more genteel than the alternative. My father could get very angry sometimes but I can't recall him using anything more than a very rare "Damn!" or "Oh, Hell!". Can't recall any particular quotes though.

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  6. Yes, I come from a family of talkers. Lots of lively language! I love your post.

  7. My parents had some good quotes, some used for building up and others for letting us know we were out of line.

  8. I had a good laugh at the quotes.Like the barn door one my family asks,"were you born in a field?" if you don't close the door.

    1. So funny how each family has their own unique style of humor.

  9. Great memories. I don't think my family had many colorful quotes like that. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet entries are an myqualityday.blogspot.com

    1. They are colorful that's for sure! My grandmother and Mom are Irish and New Yorkers, some combination :)

  10. I love these quotes! I too had a grandmother that had some doozies. When we cried she would tell us to "Quit peeing out of your eyes." Or if we asked if we could do something instead of just saying yes, she would say, "Whatever blows your skirt up!" And for some reason unbeknownst to any of us grandkids...if we did something to make her mad she called us Gertrude...boy or girl, it didn't matter. Families are fun aren't they?

  11. Love this post but so tired tonight that I can't think of any my family used to add here. I know there were some good ones. Don't be surprised if I think of some good ones and come back to add the this weekend! :)

  12. I love this because it reminds me so much of my family! What a fun grandma you had, and I bet your mom's still quite quote worthy! I also like the gift your friends gave to your mom! Julie

  13. """tables are for glasses not for asses.”""

    I Love Your Family <3 Xxx

  14. Laughing out loud. Have NEVER heard of any of those. Creative Nana...I like her!

  15. Tables are for glasses not for asses...I need to use that one. A certain 3 year old likes to make it his seat.
    I can't believe we are on Q already!


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